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A topical ointment to stop
licking, biting, and chewing

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No-lick product for dogs and cats


LickGuard is a natural unpleasant tasting ointment to discourage licking by your pet. LickGuard uses a combination of texture, taste, and smell to create a no lick solution.


Tastes Terrible, Works Great!

  • Discourages licking
  • Stops biting
  • No more chewing!


Essential Oil Blend
Creates a "hot" sensation on the tongue
First contact gives the dog or cat a bad experience
Ointment Base
Clings to the animal's tongue
Prolongs the intense taste
Garlic & Spearmint Oil
Activate the olfactory system by creating a smell that triggers memory
Smell quickly reminds the dog or cat of their bad experience


Product Specs

LickGuard Carton

LickGuard Packaging

  • Ointment product is packaged in laminate tube with extended tip for easy-to-use application
  • Each 0.75 oz tube is packaged in an individual box
  • 12 individual boxes are included in one carton
  • May be administered to pets of all ages
  • 5 year product shelf life


Available Sizes:

#593998 12-pack carton 0.75 oz (21.3 g) tube  



Made in USA

Manufactured in the USA

All Van Beek Natural Science products are manufactured in the heart of the United States of America, in Northwest Iowa. We take pride in providing the highest quality products made with the best natural ingredients available.


When to Use

When LickGuard Should be Administered

  • After Surgical Procedures
    Apply LickGuard to suture lines tokeep the animal from re-opening the wound. LickGuard can also be used on catheters and IV lines.
  • Bandages
    Use LickGuard on bandages and avoid the use of an uncomfortable e-collar.
  • Sores and Wounds
    LickGuard can be used on skin conditions caused by chronic licking or biting, such as lick granulomas and biting sores.


How to Apply LickGuard

Directions for Use:

Clean and dry affected area. Apply generously where licking needs to be discouraged. Reapply as needed.



Store in a cool, dry place.

Mode of Action

How LickGuard Works



  • Mode of ActionStep 1: Adhesive Base
    LickGuard's adhesive base creates a stable environment holding the essential oils in suspension, maintaining their intensity. The sticky base clings to the animal's tongue prolonging the intense taste.
  • Step 2: Terrible Taste
    Essential oils along with citric acid successfully work together to tough call areas ofthe tongue - the sweet on the tip, the salty and sour on either side, and the bitter towards the back. These ingredients stimulate the nerve endings and taste buds, creating a unique, terrible, and shocking taste. LickGuard also generates a "hot" sensation on the tongue from cinnamon bar, oregano oil, and peppermint oil. These oils do not actually burn the tongue or make it physically hot, but stimulate receptors that normally respond to heat, thus tricking the brain into feeling a "hot" sensation.
  • Step 3: Smell Triggers Memory
    Lastly, garlic and spearmint oil both activate the olfactory system by creating a distinct smell. Since smell and taste work together, the animal will associate the smell with the bad taste. In fact, taste and smell are so closely related that a dog or cat will lick or eat something based more off smell than taste. The part of a dog's brain that receives messages from the nerves of the nose is so highly developed that it can store up scent information like a computer. This programs the animal to remember the smell of LickGuard and stay away.