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Wednesday Whiff: First Day of Spring paw

Happy First Day of Spring! Although it may not feel like it... Despite the cold weather, tulips are already starting to pop up around Orange City. Orange City is known for its Tulip Festival in May. I took a trip into town with Brett to check them out.


Sure enough... their strudy little stems are popping through. Brett says we could use some of those spring rains (instead of the winter snows) sometime soon.


But not too early! We don't want the tulips to bloom too far before mid May. If they miss the party, we'll end up with another "Stem Fest" instead of Tulip Festival!


Oh look, it's Lilly! Lilly's person is Brett. Looks like she came out to play!


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5 Ways to Wear Green paw

It's mid-March and spring is in the air...okay, we'll pretend it is since a hint of snow may be just around the corner. Although the Iowa has not yet donned its lush green landscape, you may want to sport something green this upcoming Sunday to avoid any annoying, sneaky pinches. That's right! It's almost St. Patrick's Day. Dish me up some corned beef and cabbage...well, hold off on the cabbage. 


To help avoid that pinch, I've come up with 5 Ways to Wear Green: 1) Collars, 2) Ties, 3) Hats, 4) Vests or Dresses, and, of course...5) I always love "to wear" a little green in my tummy (Treats!)

5 Ways to Wear Green

1 | Luck of the Irish Adjustable Dog Collar • $16
2 | St Patrick's Day Shamrock Cat Collar • $11
3 | St Patrick's Day Green Dot Pet Collar and Bow Set • $32
4 | Bow Tie Dog Collar Accessory in Green Stripe • $16.50
5 | St Patrick's Day Neck Tie • $9
6 | Felt Cat Hat • $40
7 | St Patrick's Day Green Pet Beret • $8.50
8 | Crocheted Pet Hat with Braids • $4.95
9 | Shamrock Dog Dress Tutu • $80
10 | Green Argyle Clover Dog Harness • $48 & Sweet Clover Dog Dress • $52
11 | Gourmet Shamrock Dog Treats • $5.99
12 | Fresh Baked St Patrick's Day Dog Treats • $6.95

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We wish you a Merry Christmas... paw


It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas around here. Everyone has been sharing treats with everyone else, but they won't let me have any... 


I really wish I could get my paws on some of those treats! Won't a cute, sad puppy face work on anyone?

Christmas Treats

Besides all the treats, they also had an ugly sweater contest. I found these pictures laying around the office of everyone who participated. Josh from Production won. He's on the right. Then Rog and Dave on the bottom got second place. They said I was too cute to participate!

Christmas Sweaters

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday! I'm looking forward to destroying the left over ham bones...


What are you doing to celebrate this Christmas?

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