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Chili Bash paw


Although it was not quite as chili outside yesterday as it could have been, we still warmed up with a company Chili Bash.

table set

Mmmmm... The table smells set, and I'm ready to dig in!


I'm pretty sure one of those bowls is for me. A little more cheese please!

cinnamon roll

Oh wait, there's more! I smell delicious bakery fresh cinnamon rolls. I bet they can spare one. Just look at these big puppy eyes!


There is nothing like good, warm, homemade soup and cinnamon rolls on a mid-winter day. Now on to seconds!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas... paw


It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas around here. Everyone has been sharing treats with everyone else, but they won't let me have any... 


I really wish I could get my paws on some of those treats! Won't a cute, sad puppy face work on anyone?

Christmas Treats

Besides all the treats, they also had an ugly sweater contest. I found these pictures laying around the office of everyone who participated. Josh from Production won. He's on the right. Then Rog and Dave on the bottom got second place. They said I was too cute to participate!

Christmas Sweaters

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday! I'm looking forward to destroying the left over ham bones...


What are you doing to celebrate this Christmas?

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Wednesday Whiff: Fall paw


LEAVES!! My new favorite thing! Mmmm... and it's starting to smell like Fall!



by Ryan Larkin


Descending leaves fall to the ground,

Twirling, twisting, round and round,

Autumn season is almost here,

The smell of freshness is oh so near.


The crisp, cool breeze,

Shakes the leaves from the trees,

Autumn takes away the green,

Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen.


What is your favorite part of this season?

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Yo Quiero Taco Martes paw


(Okay, so maybe I'm not so good at Spanish yet...)


Anyway, my people here at Van Beek Natural Science try to make things fun all the time. And, every once in a while they have a really fun day with lots of really yummy food! They all get together and talk and laugh and eat. And I get all the Mmmm! yummy scraps that fall on the floor.


Yesterday we had Taco Tuesday. Check out all this food!

Taco Tuesday

And I think my people like it as much as I do...

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

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