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Responsible Pet Owner Month paw

Bow-Wow-WOW! I am sure excited for February, not only because Valentine’s Day is coming and I can’t wait to give a heart-shaped biscuit to that cute Min Pin Aspen, but that’s another story. I’m excited for February because it’s Responsible Pet Owner’s Month and boy-oh-boy-oh-boy are my people responsible. They keep me safe and healthy while giving me the best belly scratches, ear rubs, and taking me on my favorite walks! I feel so lucky to love and be loved by my people and I want all of my furry friends to feel the same way with their people. So, furry friends, if you’re reading this, bring these tips to your people so they know how to best care for you and return the love you give to them.


Vet Clinic


Ways Your People Can Be Responsible Pet Owners

1. Health Care:

An important part of keeping us healthy is bringing us in for regular visit to the vet, even though this isn’t our favorite place on the planet to be. This can often be hard to remember, as we aren’t able to communicate to you how we are feeling but keep in mind that we suffer many of the same issues as you do. For example: stress. Stress can cause many issues within our body such as diarrhea. If you have a pet suffering from loose stool, be sure to ask your vet about my people’s product DiaGel. I’ve used this many times when I was stressed and in no time at all I was back up on my furry feet fetching like old times!


2. Exerciese:

We were created to move. I sure do love it when my people take me on walks. It gives me all the energy I need to play with my people and keeps me feeling healthy.


3. Proper Feeding:

 I admit this one was hard for me to get used to because I sure do LOVE to sneak food from my people but when I heard how bad people food was for my body I understand why I can’t have it. I’m sure lucky to have my people watching out for me. They give me a portion controlled diet and the proper food to prevent health problems.


4. ID Your Pet:
My people put a collar on me with all of my information on. I wasn’t keen on this at first but then I heard Aspen thinks it’s cute so that makes my tail wag extra fast! And I definitely don’t want to get lost or be stolen so it makes me feel safe.


5. Train Your Pet:
Well, school is definitely not my favorite thing and it gave me STRESS, thankfully my people have DiaGel on hand. Anyway, it was so great for me to learn how to behave. It’s kept me safe in many situations and my people sure do love it when I listen to them. And the BEST part about training was I got tons of yummy biscuits!


5. Love Your Pet:
This one is my favorite!! My favorite thing is to lick my people’s faces and snuggle up to them. They give the BEST pets and belly scratches. When they shower me with love I feel like SuperBeeker (remind me to get a cape…). My life is in their hands and I feel so comfortable with that thought because their love is unmatched


That's all my furry friends! My people are calling me for a fetch match so I'd better get to running!


Sniff ya later!

Bow Wow and lots of licks, Beeker


p.s. If you see Aspen, put in a good word for me...



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WVC Interview paw

From the talk around the office, I overhear that the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas was a big hit this year. I finally got Brett and Alex to sit down with me (I'm pretty sure I learned the "sit" command more quickly), scratch my ears and give me a few answers about how it went.


Overall, how was the Western Veterinary Conference this year? 

Brett: The WVC is always a really good show for us.

Alex: It was outstanding this year! We had a good increase in our booth traffic. We also wrote a lot of orders at the show. There was a lot of excitement about DiaGel coming from the attendees. Our team was in tip top shape, and it definitely showed in our success!


Left to Right: Alex, Sharla, Ralph, Justin

wvc crew

Who stopped by our booth this year?

Alex: We spoke with a lot of Veterinarians this year. We were also able to speak with a few veterinarians and staff from colleges and universities. Those were some great conversations as we now will be able to play a role in educating.

Brett: We were able to talk with vets a lot about diarrhea treatment and prevention. Much of the market still does not know about a "one-dose treatment" for bacterial diarrhea. It sounds too good to be true, but many users are confirming it on DiaGel.


What was your favorite part of the show and trip?

Brett: I enjoyed speaking with current users of DiaGel about how effective the product is.

Alex: Observing Justin thoroughly enjoy himself working the booth and attracting attendess to our booth! As always, the camaraderie is great team building. Plus the food and wine was spectacular!


Where there any dogs (or cats) at the show?

Alex: Lunchbox, our neighboring French Bulldog, was doing a fantastic job modeling the e-collar his "parent" had invented! There were a few Chihuahuas that looked like an 8 year old girl had gotten a hold of them with a jar of nail polish and a few barbie outfits. I think the dogs were slightly embarrassed!

Beeker: Lunchbox sounds like a pretty cool guy. Wish I could have met him.


Who won the Kindle give away?

Alex: Dr. Joel Miskimins won the 1st day, Dr. Karla Leo won the 2nd day, and Summer Svaldi (Vet Tech) won the 3rd day.


Left to Right: Ralph and Brett

Brett and Ralph

Which of our products seemed to be the most popular amongst the attendees?

Brett: Definitely DiaGel.

Alex: Yea, quite often when we would talk to someone who had not used DiaGel yet, they would say that they have heard a lot of good things about it!


Where did you go out to eat?

Brett: We never left the Luxor and still found a different place to eat each day - Tender Steakhouse, More Buffet, Rice & Noodles, Pharoh's Resturant, Taco & Tequilla, & Old English Pub.

Alex: We went to Tender on Monday night. While Ralph, Brett and I enjoyed a delicious portion of Amereica's finest beef, Justin, much to the chagrin of the waiter, orders a hamburger! I will say that it was probably the best burger he's ever had.


Did anything happen in Vegas that must stay in Vegas?

Brett: When we left for the airport at 4:20am, we heard on the taxi radio about the shooting in front of the Bellagio.

Alex: Hehehe, I can never tell!!


Any new ideas for next year?

Alex: I would like to see us start entering everything electronically - from notes to orders. This would help with post show follow-up. I would also like to see better booth placement, and start looking at expanding to a 10x30 or 20x20 for 2015. It woud be nice to try an ad in the WVC program magazine at the show.

Brett: Next year I'd like to give away more nice incentive gifts as this allowed us some quality minutes with prospects to tell our story.

Beeker: I'd go for some new incentive gifts. How about some dog treats or squeeky toys!

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Taco Tragedy paw


Ugh...too many tacos on Tuesday! I guess I'm not very used to eating that kind of food. I better stop or I'll end up with something like acute diarrhea.

Taco Tragedy

Acute Diarrhea

Acute Diarrhea is a sudden diarrhea that may last from a few days to a few weeks. This conditions will cause your pets to suffer from frequent irritable bowel movements and soft, watery, or abnormal stools.



  • Soft, loose stools
  • Bloody stools with mucus
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Decreased appetite



Acute Diarrhea may result from many different situations. If the symptoms persist, it is best to bring your dog or cat to your veterinarian to figure out the underlying cause.


These are the main causes of Acute Diarrhea:

  • Licking or eating trash, nonfood material or spoiled food
  • Stress (traveling, showing, breeding, or an additional new pet)
  • Changes in food or diet
  • Bacterial infections
  • Drugs or toxic chemicals
  • Roundworms or other parasites
  • Secondary infection due to Parvovirus or Caronavirus



Although Acute Diarrhea is usually a mild case of loose bowel movement, do not hesitate to bring your pet to the veterinarian for the proper treatment. It might just save you time and money, as well as save your carpets. If diarrhea goes untreated for many days, the dog or cat, especially if it is very young, may loose too much fluid. This may lead to more severe symptoms and dehydration, even death.

Beeker Laying

No thanks! I think I'll just lie here for a while. Snore...zzz

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