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Responsible Pet Owner Month paw

Bow-Wow-WOW! I am sure excited for February, not only because Valentine’s Day is coming and I can’t wait to give a heart-shaped biscuit to that cute Min Pin Aspen, but that’s another story. I’m excited for February because it’s Responsible Pet Owner’s Month and boy-oh-boy-oh-boy are my people responsible. They keep me safe and healthy while giving me the best belly scratches, ear rubs, and taking me on my favorite walks! I feel so lucky to love and be loved by my people and I want all of my furry friends to feel the same way with their people. So, furry friends, if you’re reading this, bring these tips to your people so they know how to best care for you and return the love you give to them.


Vet Clinic


Ways Your People Can Be Responsible Pet Owners

1. Health Care:

An important part of keeping us healthy is bringing us in for regular visit to the vet, even though this isn’t our favorite place on the planet to be. This can often be hard to remember, as we aren’t able to communicate to you how we are feeling but keep in mind that we suffer many of the same issues as you do. For example: stress. Stress can cause many issues within our body such as diarrhea. If you have a pet suffering from loose stool, be sure to ask your vet about my people’s product DiaGel. I’ve used this many times when I was stressed and in no time at all I was back up on my furry feet fetching like old times!


2. Exerciese:

We were created to move. I sure do love it when my people take me on walks. It gives me all the energy I need to play with my people and keeps me feeling healthy.


3. Proper Feeding:

 I admit this one was hard for me to get used to because I sure do LOVE to sneak food from my people but when I heard how bad people food was for my body I understand why I can’t have it. I’m sure lucky to have my people watching out for me. They give me a portion controlled diet and the proper food to prevent health problems.


4. ID Your Pet:
My people put a collar on me with all of my information on. I wasn’t keen on this at first but then I heard Aspen thinks it’s cute so that makes my tail wag extra fast! And I definitely don’t want to get lost or be stolen so it makes me feel safe.


5. Train Your Pet:
Well, school is definitely not my favorite thing and it gave me STRESS, thankfully my people have DiaGel on hand. Anyway, it was so great for me to learn how to behave. It’s kept me safe in many situations and my people sure do love it when I listen to them. And the BEST part about training was I got tons of yummy biscuits!


5. Love Your Pet:
This one is my favorite!! My favorite thing is to lick my people’s faces and snuggle up to them. They give the BEST pets and belly scratches. When they shower me with love I feel like SuperBeeker (remind me to get a cape…). My life is in their hands and I feel so comfortable with that thought because their love is unmatched


That's all my furry friends! My people are calling me for a fetch match so I'd better get to running!


Sniff ya later!

Bow Wow and lots of licks, Beeker


p.s. If you see Aspen, put in a good word for me...



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Meet My People! paw


Well, first of all, I'm a workin' dog. I'm at Van Beek Natural Science and they say that I'm their "inspiration." I'm not sure exactly what they all mean. Mostly, I just hang out at the office because they all like me here. So let me introduce my favorite people.

my people

First from my left paw is Ron. He's the one who started it all. Ron cares so much for us animals that making them feel better has become his business.


Next is Brett. He pretty much makes sure this place doesn't go to the dogs, if you know what I mean. Brett is in charge of a lot of stuff, but mostly marketing and all that. I like him because he is such a dog lover. His dog-kid is a Shih Tzu named Lilly. From what I hear, she is pretty much loved and spoiled rotten.


Then it is Alex. His official title is Director of Companion Animal Sales and Marketing, but to me he is just a pretty cool guy. Alex is not around here much because he is out there, either going to pet & vet shows or teaching people about the products they make here.


Anita follows Alex. She is such a nice lady...always calling me cute and givin' me love. She's the one who is always cooking up a new formula in the lab or field-testing out products.


Finally, Amanda is on the right. She is the one who helps me post my blog for you guys to read. Amanda likes to do all that website techy stuff while I'd rather just play. She just got a new puppy named Rosco. She says he looks just like me only he's black. I'm so very excited to meet him!


There are so many more cool people here at the office and I can't wait for you to meet them. But I'll have to introduce you later because...SQUIRREL! Must chase!

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