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Wednesday Whiff: New Hires. paw

Do I have some fun announcements to share with you! Not only do I have one, but three new friends at the office, and the best part is.. they are all dog lovers. I have been busy the past few weeks scoping out Kelsey, Sam, and Tasha.


New Hires


Closest to my paws is Kelsey. She is known for her creativity. Kelsey works in the Marketing Department along with Brett, Sharla and Sam. I'll get to Sam in a second. I like Kelsey because she is a huge dog lover. She use to raise and sell Shiba Inu's. Her dog's names are Spirit, Takia and Keesha.


Then it is Sam. Sam gets to play and work with me this summer. He is doing a summer internship with us. Sam is interning in the Marketing Department. He also gets to be creative. Sam has two house cats named Paul and George, who were named after the Beatles. I can't wait to meet them! 


Lastly, let me introduce you to Tasha. Tasha gets to work with numbers and collecting of bills. She is on the phone a lot when I stop by. She always has a smile on her face. She told me she grew up on a farm, and her favorite activity is riding four wheeler. Tasha is busy planning her wedding at the end of the summer.


That's all the new smells here at the office... Wait (sniff)... Gotta go, I smell lunch!



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Meet My People! paw


Well, first of all, I'm a workin' dog. I'm at Van Beek Natural Science and they say that I'm their "inspiration." I'm not sure exactly what they all mean. Mostly, I just hang out at the office because they all like me here. So let me introduce my favorite people.

my people

First from my left paw is Ron. He's the one who started it all. Ron cares so much for us animals that making them feel better has become his business.


Next is Brett. He pretty much makes sure this place doesn't go to the dogs, if you know what I mean. Brett is in charge of a lot of stuff, but mostly marketing and all that. I like him because he is such a dog lover. His dog-kid is a Shih Tzu named Lilly. From what I hear, she is pretty much loved and spoiled rotten.


Then it is Alex. His official title is Director of Companion Animal Sales and Marketing, but to me he is just a pretty cool guy. Alex is not around here much because he is out there, either going to pet & vet shows or teaching people about the products they make here.


Anita follows Alex. She is such a nice lady...always calling me cute and givin' me love. She's the one who is always cooking up a new formula in the lab or field-testing out products.


Finally, Amanda is on the right. She is the one who helps me post my blog for you guys to read. Amanda likes to do all that website techy stuff while I'd rather just play. She just got a new puppy named Rosco. She says he looks just like me only he's black. I'm so very excited to meet him!


There are so many more cool people here at the office and I can't wait for you to meet them. But I'll have to introduce you later because...SQUIRREL! Must chase!

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Hello, My name is... paw


Hi, I'm Beeker. I'm a yellow Labrador Retriever livin' in Orange City, Iowa. I was just adopted into the Van Beek Natural Science family. Everyone here is pretty cool. I'm really REALLY happy to be here, watchin' out for my new people. I'll tell you more about my people next time! For now I'll just tell you a little more about myself. 


What's your favorite thing to do in the summer?

I like to do lots of things in the summer, especially outside because it is so nice outside! I like to play with my people in the park and walk on the Puddle Jumper trail. Squirrels are so much fun to and tennis balls! I like tennis balls. I'm excited for the Tulip Festival next summer here in town. There will be so many new people to play with!


If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Sometimes I get really excited and slobber all over like Odie. And sometimes I go crazy like Dino from the Flinstones. But I'm probably the most like Pluto from Mickey Mouse. He is faithful, loyal and pretty happy-go-lucky.


Are you a morning or night pup?

I'm kind of an all day sort of guy if you want to play with me!


What is one thing you'd never want to taste again?

LickGuard...ugh...have you ever tasted that stuff?


Anything else you'd like to know? Just ask in the comments!! I'm so excited to get to know you Woof!

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